Consumption Of Plain Bread For Breakfast?

Illustration of Consumption Of Plain Bread For Breakfast?
Illustration: Consumption Of Plain Bread For Breakfast? Bing

Is it okay to eat breakfast in the morning, eat plain bread such as bread, etc. every day, is it true that consuming too often can cause diabetes or other diseases, fact or myth?rnThank you

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Breakfast is an important meal time to start the activity.

In principle, the recommended diet at every meal is a varied, balanced nutritional pattern. A variety of foods is needed to get sufficient vitamins and minerals from each type of food source.

Breakfast alone every morning, of course, does not meet the needs of the variety of nutrients that the body needs. The breakfast menu should be planned with more variety every day. You can also eat hard-boiled eggs, fruit or a salad/vegetable combination at breakfast.

The white bread you mean, we perceive as white bread made from wheat flour derived from wheat. White bread contains carbohydrates that are low in fiber, so that after digestion it will cause a sudden and sharp increase in blood sugar.

Sugar, white bread (from wheat flour), pasta, biscuits, and cereals are sources of carbohydrates that are less fiber. It is advisable to limit consumption, not too often and only in small amounts. For the occasional consumption of bread, you can replace it with a type of whole wheat bread that is more fiber.

Does plain bread breakfast trigger the occurrence of Diabetes Mellitus or diseases related to a healthy lifestyle or not?

The answer can be yes and no. The cause of the disease usually consists of a combination of factors such as heredity, not exercising, being overweight/even obese, lack of sleep, consumption of foods high in fat and high in sugar, and experiencing emotional stress that is not handled properly. Smoking habits, drinking alcoholic beverages, living in high-polluted areas also contribute to triggering factors for lifestyle-related diseases.

To add ideas to your breakfast menu, please read the article by clicking here.

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Greetings, Dr. Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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