Consumption Of Strong Drugs?

Illustration of Consumption Of Strong Drugs?
Illustration: Consumption Of Strong Drugs?

good morning, consulting the problem of consumption of strong types of Tissu Maggic drugs, whether using strong drugs during the pregnancy process can make pregnancy failure on the wife. every time I always use Magic Tissue. thanks in advance

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The product that you mentioned, is a form of sex aids that works by numbing or making numb skin around the genitals smeared with the product using a kind of anesthetic content, so that it can make its users last longer in sexual intercourse because the sensation is inhibited.

Regarding your question, unfortunately so far there has been no research on the relationship between the overall contents of the content with the occurrence of miscarriage or complications during or after pregnancy. What is clear, there is alcohol content in these products which can be dangerous for pregnant women at certain levels.

So that our advice, which has already passed can not be changed. You can help ensure that your wife's pregnancy goes well by regularly checking her pregnancy with the obstetrician and helping her avoid things that are prohibited by the obstetrician and helping to provide recommended things like fruit and vegetables, and supplements. In the future, avoid having sex using the product for the good of your wife and children, until there is research that states that it is safe. So, hopefully answering your question.

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