Consumption Of Worm Medicine?

Illustration of Consumption Of Worm Medicine?
Illustration: Consumption Of Worm Medicine?

Hello. NI want to ask, how many times can we take deworming medicine? And in what duration? And what kind of drugs are suitable for adults? What active ingredient or brand of medicine is the most effective and effective way to kill the worm? NHow to prevent it and also the cause if it occurs in adulthood.

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Worms in adults often do not show typical symptoms. In fact, if this condition is not handled properly, it can have quite serious impacts, including causing disturbances in the absorption of food essence, causing gastrointestinal bleeding, malnutrition, and quite drastic weight loss. Some types of worms can even migrate to vital organs, such as the liver or brain.

There are various types of worms that often infect humans. Some of the most common are tapeworms, hookworms, pinworms, roundworms, and so on. Each of these types of worms can cause various complaints and effects, so the handling can be different.

You need to clarify first, what kind of worms symptoms are you experiencing? Have you ever seen a doctor and diagnosed with worms? What tests have you undergone to determine the cause of your complaint?

Most deworming drugs are not included in the class of over-the-counter drugs. Therefore, it is not appropriate for us to explain in detail about these drugs in free forums like this.

We suggest that if you have symptoms such as worms, you should check with a doctor or an internal medicine specialist so that further examinations are carried out regarding your complaint. Usually, to make a diagnosis of worms, the doctor will not only perform a physical examination, but also be assisted by further examinations, such as blood tests, feces, ultrasound, and so on. If it is true that your complaint is caused by worms, the doctor himself will prescribe you the right worm medication according to the type of worm.

To prevent worm infections, you can take the following steps:

Before eating, wash thoroughly the food to be consumed
Cook the food until it is perfectly cooked
Get in the habit of washing your hands before and after eating, after going to the bathroom, and after changing baby's diapers
Wash your clothes, sheets, towels, and other personal items in hot water to get rid of worm eggs
Always wear footwear when walking
Take deworming every 6 months (the type and dose of medicine should first consult a doctor)

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