Contact During Menstruation Day 2,?

Illustration of Contact During Menstruation Day 2,?
Illustration: Contact During Menstruation Day 2,?

Hello, umr 21 years old, on the 3rd day of December I menstruated on the 2nd day, then I got in touch with my husband and I climaxed, note, the husband did not come out inside. the next day menstrual blood became very little, until finally around 8-9 stopped totally clean there was no menstrual blood, until yesterday I drank a lot of alcohol and then danced because there was a family event and went back to sleep at dawn, on the 15-16, I started spitting black spots pretty much without big lumps ad (very dark not reddish brown like the specks of pregnancy sign which is also a little), then from 17-now December 19 I like menstruation bleeding and reddish brown lumps rather large and quite a lot, but I do not feel pain and cramps around the lower abdomen, which is very painful, such as menstruation in the first days or a sign of miscarriage. Is there a wound in the vagina because of the impact when having menstrual relations? Because at that time we were quite carried away, or was this just cleansing the uterus from the rest of menstruation yesterday which became a bit post-related when menstruation? Because if it is indeed the cleansing of the remaining menstruation yesterday, is it not too far off in time? From 8-9 des to stop menstruating and clean, although from 4des completed, my menstrual blood came out to be a little until 15 dec. I just released a lot of black blood spots and finally now like menstrual bleeding and a lot of reddish brown blood clots? So far I am not weak, no pain and strong cramps in the lower abdomen. N nYes, I like to sleep late at night around 1-3 in the morning and just go to sleep, but because of my freelance work I can wake up in the afternoon (I have 8 hours of sleep), but starting 17 December yesterday I have a job that requires me to wake up at 8-9 in the morning while sleeping also remains dawn (1-3 hours), my work is not hard work using energy, just sitting and occasionally standing by the road, and I’m also on a diet, do not eat rice, but still eat 1-2 times a day can be normal or normal reduced a little, I also drink enough water, is there any influence yes to me now that comes out red blood and reddish brown lumps pretty much? And oya, for example this blood is blood from a vaginal wound, is it normal to come out after a few weeks after menstruation, and about 10-12 days from having intercourse during menstruation a lot? N nCalculate me for 5 days, 15-16 december black blood spots pretty much, today 17-19 red blood and reddish brown lumps. n nPlease enlighten me. thanks.

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Hi ritaylystia,

Thank you for asking

When menstruating, sexual relations should be limited. Because, when you're menstruating, vaginal lubricant production will generally be less, so that great potential for sexual relations cause injury to your reproductive organs. Could be, this injury does contribute to bleeding outside the menstrual cycle that you experience. If this is the cause, usually, in addition to bleeding, you will also feel an uncomfortable sensation around the vagina, which is in the form of itching, burning, pain, or swelling.

It could also, black bleeding outside the menstrual cycle that you experience actually arises because of other reasons. Judging from your history of being accustomed to living unhealthy lifestyles, such as consuming alcohol and lack of sleep, this condition can greatly affect the hormonal balance in your body, including hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. Diet that you are living, more or less can also influence this.

In some conditions, bleeding as you experience it may also arise due to diseases, such as pregnancy disorders (for example miscarriage), endometriosis, myomas, uterine polyps, pelvic inflammation, cervical cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid gland disorders, pituitary gland disorders, and so on. Hormonal balance that regulates menstruation can also be disturbed due to the influence of stress, fatigue, unhealthy eating patterns, to side effects of drugs or contraception.

The question now is whether the bleeding continues until now? How much bleeding is coming out?

If the bleeding has stopped in less than 2 weeks, and no more complaints are you experiencing at this time, chances are your condition is not dangerous. However, to be sure, it would not hurt you to check yourself directly to a doctor or obstetrician to have an ultrasound examination, laboratory tests, hormonal tests, or other supporting tests adjusted to the suspicion of the disease. The treatment can be done later by doctors with a variety, including for example by giving you some hormonal drugs so that menstruation runs more regularly.

At home, you should also make the following efforts:

Improve your lifestyle to be more healthy, i.e. by:

Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
Sleep more regularly
Don't get too tired
Balance your activities with rest and exercise
Live a healthy diet, don't diet too extreme
Expand eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that are rich in antioxidants
Maintain ideal body weight

Do not consume drugs carelessly
Keep your intimate organs clean better

Hope this helps ...

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