Contact Lenses For Minus And Cylinder Eyes?

Illustration of Contact Lenses For Minus And Cylinder Eyes?
Illustration: Contact Lenses For Minus And Cylinder Eyes? Bing

Evening,rnI’ve been wearing glasses for a long time. Then over time it becomes uncomfortable again. I want to try using contact lenses. I think the cylinder is “2, and minus 3.5. Right and left are different minuses. What kind of contact lens do you recommend?”

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Hi Pujira,

Minus eye and cylinder eye are refractive disorders in the eye that can cause visual disturbances. Myopia occurs when the image of an object falls in front of the retina so that distant objects appear blurry or indistinct. While the cylindrical eye there is an irregularity in the cornea so that the object will appear shaded / double.

Handling to cure minus eye and cylinder so far only with surgery by an ophthalmologist. However, minus eyes and cylinders can be corrected by wearing the right glasses or contact lenses.

In general, there are 2 types of contact lenses, namely soft lenses (more flexible, more comfortable, but more fragile and need to be cleaned more often), and hard lenses (more rigid and hard, but more likely to allow oxygen to enter the cornea and are specially made with the doctor's prescription). eye or not sold freely, hard lenses are generally used for certain eye conditions).

Meanwhile, if based on the period of use, there are contact lenses that can be used repeatedly for a certain period of time (depending on the product), and there are disposable or one-time use only. If you use contact lenses that are used repeatedly / reusable, it must be ensured that they are clean.

For cylindrical eye conditions, the contact lenses used are special contact lenses obtained from an ophthalmologist's prescription. Several types of contact lenses for cylindrical eyes are:

Toric contact lenses: have different degrees of thickness and curvature and have the ability to rotate to adjust the orientation of the curvature of the cornea
Gas permeable rigid contact lens (RGP): rigid and can correct uneven curvature of the cornea
Hybrid lens: stiff center like RGP but softer edges like soft lens

Given your eye condition has minus and astigmatism, it will be difficult to get an over-the-counter contact lens that really fits your condition. Therefore, I recommend that you consult directly with an ophthalmologist so that a re-examination can be carried out first to ensure the condition of your eyes so that you can be given the contact lenses that best suit your eye condition.

Some things to keep in mind when wearing contact lenses:

Always wash your hands before putting on and removing contact lenses
Remove contact lenses when showering, swimming, and going to sleep
Change contact lens fluid regularly
Clean contact lenses and their storage regularly
Pay attention to the time limit for wearing contact lenses, don't exceed the usage limit
If when wearing contact lenses you feel irritated, lumpy, red, or painful, immediately remove the contact lenses

Here is an article that relates to the topic of your question:

contact lens

Thanks and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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