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want to ask, doc, I’m 7 months pregnant … I’ve started to feel the movement of the debay, but how come the day the movements become even closer to the hips. why is that? thx

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Hello Veyey, thank you for asking at

At the age of 7 months, the fetus can still move freely because the fetal head has not entered the pelvis door perfectly so that the fetus's position can still change which causes fetal movement can be felt anywhere in the abdominal area.

Therefore, the fetal movements that you experience in that area are still quite normal because it is very possible that there are parts of the body of the fetus that are near your hips so that there is movement when the fetal body parts are moving.

Although it is quite natural, always pay attention to the frequency and also the quality of your fetal movements. If it starts to decline, consult your obstetrician for an evaluation. Also do a routine obstetric examination in accordance with the advice of your obstetrician to ascertain the condition of the fetus and also the position of your fetus.

I hope this helps.

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