Continued Medicine?

Illustration of Continued Medicine?
Illustration: Continued Medicine?

hello, about 6 months ago my wife felt pain in her chest almost every night. by the doctor he was diagnosed with tuberculosis after a chest photo and needle biopsy even though the sputum results were negative. Then the wife was referred to the health center to be given routine TB medication for 6 months and today was the last drug she consumed, but a few weeks ago a lump appeared on her wife that hurt when touched so the doctor suggested a biopsy to take a sample of the lump that was scheduled next week. the question is

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TB is a condition where there is infection from TB bacteria. TB can infect various organs of the body such as the lungs, bones, lymph nodes, and the brain. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis requires a long time at least 6 months. TB infection can also spread, for example, from pulmonary TB can spread to other organs.

Where is the lump located? From the situation your wife is experiencing, the lump that appears and feels painful may be due to a TB infection. TB infection can spread to the skin or lymph nodes, causing lumps on the body. But besides that, the lump may also be caused by other causes such as other bacterial infections, kimura disease, lymphoma, or tumors.

If today is the last day of taking TB medication, it is usually recommended that you check with your doctor directly first. Usually at the end of treatment the doctor will perform a repeat examination to determine if you are completely cured of pulmonary tuberculosis. If it is declared cured by the doctor for lung treatment then you can stop using TB medicine and can wait for the results of the lump examination. If indeed later the lump is caused by TB, the doctor will provide TB treatment with certain TB drugs. usually necessary further examinations such as ultrasound examination, or biopsy.

So it is recommended that you check your wife again with a specialist in internal medicine in the hospital. You better get your wife checked out as soon as possible.

the following article that you can read about TBC

may be useful. thank you

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