Continuing Treatment For Depressive Symptoms?

Illustration of Continuing Treatment For Depressive Symptoms?
Illustration: Continuing Treatment For Depressive Symptoms?

Hello doctor, I often do self diagnosis of depression lately because I feel there is something strange about me, then I saw a video and the video discusses about depression in the video was told to know the signs. I feel that the signs are exactly the same as I experienced lately, do I need a psychiatrist or a psychologist? or is there another explanation? Thank you ­čÖé

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Hi Reyarara,

Depression is a mood disorder in the form of changes in mood to "down / depressed". A person with depression can experience the following symptoms:

 Listless, easily tired Not excited Feeling vain or worthless Indifferent, apathetic Someone stated experiencing depression if the symptoms last for at least 2 weeks. Apart from depression, there are several conditions that can cause symptoms similar to depression, namely post-traumatic stress, acute stress disorder, bipolar disorder or mood disorders due to side effects of drugs or other medical conditions. If you experience the symptoms above then you should not handle the complaint yourself and consult with a mental health specialist (Sp.KJ / psychiatrist) in order to get treatment that suits your condition.

The doctor will ask for your history of complaints first, conduct a psychiatric interview, conduct a physical examination or supporting examination if necessary. Investigations that may be recommended by a doctor are blood tests or thyroid hormone function. If indeed you are diagnosed with depression then your doctor can provide counseling, cognitive therapy and antidepressant drugs.

Besides handling your doctor, you can also take the following recommendations regarding your complaint:

 Manage stress wisely Perform positive activities Avoid your own conditions that trigger you to think negatively Tell your complaints with people you trust Do healthy lifestyles Hopefully useful,

dr. Budiono

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