Continuous Bleeding After The Puerperium?

Hello, I gave birth after I gave birth normally. It was postpartum until 42 days after childbirth 1 week later I was bleeding again until 6 days after that, 2 weeks later I was bleeding again and there was a lot of bleeding. What is it because of that? Then after having sex I always come out clear mucus. Is that safe?

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Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Postpartum hemorrhage is blood flowing out of the birth canal which, when normal amounts occur, is known as lochia. If bleeding that occurs more than 500 cc within 24 hours after delivery, is a sign of an abnormal condition.

The puerperium is a period where after childbirth occurs and the state of reproductive organs returns to the initial state as before pregnancy. The duration of childbirth is different. In general, the puerperium lasts for 6-8 weeks. If you experience complaints, you should consult your complaint to the obstetrician again for further examination to you.

At this time you can do:

 Get plenty of rest Maintain a nutritious diet and consumption of plenty of water Continue to breastfeed your baby exclusively Maintain cleanliness of the intimate organ area from front to back Changing pads regularly Avoid avoiding intimate relationships if there are still complaints Consult a doctor if complaints complicate. Here are articles related to your problem.

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