Continuous Bleeding From The Birth Canal At 26 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of Continuous Bleeding From The Birth Canal At 26 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: Continuous Bleeding From The Birth Canal At 26 Weeks Pregnant? Bing

Hi,rnrnIntroducing, I’m with Stephanie (age 28yo). Currently pregnant with 3rd child with UK 26weeks. Exactly 24 weeks ago I experienced painless bleeding and after an ultrasound the result was that my placenta was low. I was on total bed rest in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights and the fresh blood was no longer flowing, but when I got home from the hospital there were still occasional blood spots, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, even though I had only been lying on the bed for days. rnrnAt this time, I have returned home. Even at home, I have had bed rest for about 4 days but I still like to have thick blood spots coming out suddenly, for example: from morning to evening, I can’t get spots at all, but in the afternoon I can get quite a lot of blood spots (I have taken medicines regularly ). I’m confused, will pregnant women affected by PP really continue like this until they give birth? Is it true that blood spots will not be able to stop? The ob-gyn doctor only said: “if fresh blood comes out, go straight to the hospital.” What do you mean by fresh blood if the blood continues to flow like my first bleeding or blood spots like this, right? Pls insight. Thx.

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Hello good morning Stephanie.

Bleeding from the birth canal in late pregnancy (gestational age over twenty weeks) can be caused by:

Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta attaches in an abnormal place, namely in the lower uterine segment so that it covers part or all of the opening of the birth canal. Symptoms of placenta previa include spontaneous bleeding that is not accompanied by pain, on examination it is usually found that the fetal head is very high and there are abnormalities in the location (such as a transverse position). placental abruption, which is the detachment of the placenta from its normal attachment site that occurs before the delivery process. Bleeding in placental abruption is more profuse and painful. The general condition is usually not good. uterine rupture, which is a tear in the uterine wall. Symptoms can include sudden severe abdominal pain with bleeding from the birth canal to urine mixed with blood. The cause can be due to a history of previous caesarean surgery, trauma, etc. In PP the bleeding can indeed repeat itself and usually when it is repeated the amount will be more than the previous one. This happens because with increasing gestational age the size of the uterus will enlarge and cause the placenta to seem to shift from where it was before, resulting in bleeding.

In general, treatment for PP cases is to maintain pregnancy until the gestational age is considered adequate, which is above 37 weeks, provided that the general condition of the mother is good, the bleeding is minimal, the fetus is in good condition, and there are no signs of impending labor. We recommend that you do regular checkups with an obstetrician once a week to monitor the condition of the fetus. Given the risk of severe bleeding that can occur, the doctor will usually check blood type in preparation for transfusion in case of heavy bleeding.

Regarding the complaints that the mother is currently experiencing, now the bleeding is coming back, so you should check with the obstetrician who treats you. The aim is to determine the condition of the fetus in the womb and evaluate the bleeding that occurs. If there are contractions, the doctor will recommend treatment and close observation while giving drugs to eliminate contractions and accelerate fetal lung maturation.

That's all, hope it helps.

Regards, dr. Denisa

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