Continuous Headache For 3 Years?

Illustration of Continuous Headache For 3 Years?
Illustration: Continuous Headache For 3 Years?

Hello wr.wb. I want to ask you how come I have a constant headache, already 3 years or so more dangerous

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Hello, thank you for the question to

First of all, you should explain in more detail:

Do you feel the headache continuously or disappear?
If the loss arises, what triggers your headache and what can relieve it?
What are the characteristics of your headache, is it throbbing, feeling like depressed, blunt, or feeling very heavy like being struck by lightning?
Is there a history of trauma / head or neck injury?
Are there other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever, other neurological disorders?

Headaches have many causes. In general, chronic headaches can also be divided into primary headaches or headaches that have no exact cause (no specific disease that causes it), and secondary headaches that occur due to other diseases:

Some of the main causes of chronic headaches include chronic migraine headaches, chronic tension headaches, hemicrania continua

Some of the causes of secondary chronic headaches include trauma / head injury, brain infection, brain tumors, inflammation of blood vessels around the brain, termporal arteritis, stroke, hydrocephalus, chronic sinusitis, disorders of the nerves in the cervical spine, etc.

We recommend that you do an examination to a neurologist so you can further examine the possible causes of your headaches. The danger or not of your headache depends on the exact cause of the headache. For now, you can try to take mild pain relievers such as paracetamol to help relieve the pain. Also make sure you get enough sleep and rest, drink and eat in sufficient quantities, and reduce stress when there is excessive stress. If you experience headaches that are so severe or your headaches that you can wake you from sleep, you experience other neurological symptoms accompanying your headaches (for example, you experience seizures, loss of consciousness, vision problems, etc.), immediately go to the hospital. Because you have been experiencing this pain for 3 years, you should not see a neurologist's examination any longer.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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