Continuous Headaches With A History Of Falling From A Motorbike

Illustration of Continuous Headaches With A History Of Falling From A Motorbike
Illustration: Continuous Headaches With A History Of Falling From A Motorbike

Hello doc, I’m Ainun 23 years old. I sometimes get dizzy which is very heavy, I am forced to sleep. But when you wake up it still hurts on the head, not dizzy. Indeed, there used to be a history of falling from a motorbike and being unconscious for 2 hours, until now I was afraid to want to check / rontgent the head. Please give me advice doc. Thank you

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There is a history of previous head trauma and at this time you feel a complaint of a head that feels very heavy or annoying headaches that may be related to a history of previous head trauma or can also be triggered by other conditions. In general, complaints of headaches are severe and do not improve with adequate sleep, then this condition is likely caused by tension in your head muscles. When the head muscles are tense, the head can feel very heavy, stiff, and until complaints of annoying pain can be felt. Usually with adequate sleep, adequate rest and meeting the needs of bodily fluids can help reduce this complaint. In addition, compressing with hot water (around 40 degrees celsius) and light massage can also help recovery of these complaints in the next few days.

Apart from complaints of headaches or headaches, some other complaints can also follow, such as:

The neck feels stiff
Soft bowel movements
Eating does not taste
The body feels weak or trembling

However, all of these do not have to be felt as comorbid complaints, one or several or even no accompanying complaints at all can also occur, depending on the clinical condition and the possible causes.

This head muscle tension can be triggered by several things, namely:

Lack of sleep
Lack of water intake
Physical fatigue
Effect of work

Apart from head muscle strain, several other medical conditions can also trigger almost the same complaints, such as:

Early symptoms of pain, strep throat, flu
Stomach upset
Digestive infections
Sharp visual impairment
Head trauma
High blood pressure
Ear infection
More than normal blood cholesterol

Because the complaint you are feeling is not a typical complaint of an illness, it is necessary to have an evaluation done directly by your family doctor to help ascertain the cause of this complaint. Your doctor will identify the main possible causes of the complaints you are feeling, this can be done by doing a physical examination of your body's systems. If necessary, supporting examinations can be planned to help find out the cause. So if your doctor recommends for a more detailed examination such as a radiological examination, then follow the doctor's plan to determine whether there is an influence of previous head trauma or due to other medical conditions.

The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing further care and treatment. This way the complaint will get better soon, and you can prevent this complaint from recurring.

Some things you also need to consider during the recovery period, such as:

Avoid sleeping late
Avoid physical fatigue
Avoid spicy food and instant food
Inadequate healthy nutrition and water
Do regular exercise

Thus the info we can convey.

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