Continuous Right Headache?

Hello, I am a 26th year old female TB160 BB63. I had an accident in 2008 and had a history of mild concussion. But after the accident I often experienced dizziness and pain in the part of my head that was swollen up to now as a result of the accident. In fact, since August 2017 I have experienced more frequent headaches and headaches on the right side to the right eye and eyebrow area and the right neck. Until now, almost every day I feel that way. Some time ago, I also took the time to check cholesterol which turned out to be quite high at 230. When I checked with the doctor, the diagnosis was given while AD tinnitus. I am looking for a second opinion according to the doctor that I am currently experiencing, what is the diagnosis? Thanks.

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Headache pain can be caused due to various causes. Headaches can consist of primary headache (in the absence of an underlying disease) and secondary headache (there is another underlying disease).

From the situation you are experiencing, pain on one side of the head and accompanied by pain in the eyes and ears may be due to an infection of the middle / inner ear. Ear infections are usually caused due to bacterial infections. Ear infections can cause symptoms such as pain in the ear area, buzzing when hearing sounds, decreased hearing, fever, headaches that can spread to the ear and eye area.

Usually, mild concussions don't cause headaches after 10 years. Mild concussions heal perfectly. Likewise, cholesterol levels that reach 230 do not cause headaches.

but besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

migraine attack (primary type headache)
minus eye
high blood pressure / hypertension
certain tumors

therefore, if you want to get a proper second opinion, then of course determining the diagnosis must perform a physical examination. So it is recommended that you go to the doctor directly, so that the doctor can check your condition firsthand, so that the doctor can find out the cause that you are experiencing. You can check with a neurologist.

the following articles that you can read about headaches

Otitis media

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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