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good contraception in patients with a history of chlamdiaosis and breastfeeding

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Chlamidiasis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Clinically, people with chlamidiasis can experience pain when urinating, fatigue, excessive vaginal discharge and bad odor, pain during sexual intercourse, abnormal menstrual bleeding, and many other complaints. It could also, chlamidiasis attacks the anus and conjunctiva and triggers different clinical symptoms. With good handling, chlamidiasis is not an incurable disease. So, if your chlamidiasis has healed, this should not need to confuse you in choosing contraception. The case is different again if your illness has not been treated completely beforehand.

Choosing the right type of contraception needs to be done by considering many things, including age, body posture, vital signs, history of illness, subsequent pregnancy plans, as well as general health conditions (one of them, whether breastfeeding / not). In nursing mothers, the recommended type of contraception is that it does not contain the hormone estrogen, so it does not affect milk production. Included in this type of contraception are:

Non-combined hormonal contraceptives, such as mini pills, implant birth control, 3-month injection KB
Hormone IUD and copper IUD
Condom, diaphragm
Natural contraception, such as interrupted intercourse, calendar methods, and so on

However, if you are in doubt whether your chlamidiasis has healed completely or not, IUD type of contraception should not be used because of its higher potential to cause pelvic inflammation, especially in people with sexually transmitted infections.

More precisely, you should consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician.

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