Contractions At 22 Weeks Gestation?

Illustration of Contractions At 22 Weeks Gestation?
Illustration: Contractions At 22 Weeks Gestation?

regards. hello, I am 23 years old. now I am still pregnant with 22 weeks of gestation. however, my stomach often feels tight and sore (according to the midwife it has contractions and is given medication to relieve contractions), plus sometimes I like a discharge that looks like amniotic fluid (milky white and odorless) which sometimes drops into my thigh. u003cbr u003 Try the ultrasound, the ultrasound results are good, after going to the lab, all the lab results are normal except for hemoglobin which is normally 12 if I am on 11.

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In normal conditions, pregnant women whose pregnancies have entered the second trimester or experience false contractions more often. These contractions differ from labor contractions, due to their generally mild intensity, short duration, infrequent frequency, and not accompanied by uterine openings. These false contractions are not really dangerous. However, if they appear very often, of course these contractions can be quite disturbing for the mother.

Considering how often your complaints recur, and the appearance of amniotic fluid from your birth canal, we recommend that you get your condition checked by an obstetrician. Contractions that are severe enough at 22 weeks of gestation have the potential to cause premature labor. And, if it is true that the fluid that comes out of your birth canal comes from amniotic fluid, then this tear of the amniotic membrane is at risk of causing your fetus to experience infection, mechanical trauma, impaired organ development, and so on.

During this examination, your general doctor will also perform an ultrasound examination to assess the health of the fetus in your womb. If needed, the doctor can also do blood, urine tests, etc. to find out the triggers of your complaints. In general, the level of hemoglobin in your blood on the tests you underwent before is still classified as normal. In pregnant women, physiological anemia often occurs, which is associated with increased blood volume, but it is not always dangerous. However, a comprehensive examination is still necessary to rule out dangerous conditions.

At this point, you should first do the following:

When contractions occur, do bed rest, compress the uncomfortable stomach area with warm water, control your breathing well, keep thinking positive, don't panic. Fulfill your nutritional intake during pregnancy by eating and drinking healthy. Eat lots of red meat, green vegetables, and whole grains to prevent anemia. Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs Don't stress too much. Always keep your intimate organs clean, including by only having safe and responsible sex. Limit sexual intercourse first if contractions occur more frequently Hope it helps yes ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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