Convulsions And Vomiting Blood In Patients With Laryngeal Tumors?

Illustration of Convulsions And Vomiting Blood In Patients With Laryngeal Tumors?
Illustration: Convulsions And Vomiting Blood In Patients With Laryngeal Tumors?

my father had a laryngeal tumor, but the hospital in my city was still type C so it lacked facilities so my father had to be referred out of town. but before he was referred, it turned out that the tumor had begun to expand so that it closed the respiratory tract. then the hospital in my area recommended doing neck cuts so that my father was not short of breath. Then we agreed, but after carrying out assistance and the hospital in my area said that my father could go home. after a few days suddenly after sleeping my father had convulsions and vomited blood and had blood stool (his blood was black). but my father returned to normal and did not realize that he was having a seizure. I want to know the cause of my father having convulsions, vomiting blood, mucus, and what is blood stool?

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Hello Sarianti,

Laryngeal tumor is a condition of abnormal growth of body tissue in the area of ​​the larynx or neck, the type of tissue can be benign or malignant (cancer). A tumor in the neck has the potential to obstruct the airway, if it becomes blocked, it can cause shortness of breath and even death if you cannot breathe. Examination of cell types can be done by biopsy and then anatomical pathology examination, if the cells are malignant it can cause spread to other parts of the body such as the brain.

In patients with laryngeal tumors who undergo construction of a neck airway or tracheostomy: If you experience seizures, you can suspect the spread of a malignant tumor, electrolyte disturbances in the body, infection in the brain. If you experience vomiting or have mucus in your stool, you can suspect a side effect of a tracheostomy, or the spread of malignant cells to the digestive tract, or stomach bleeding.

If you experience this, you can be taken to the nearest emergency room for security of your general condition and it is advisable to immediately check the condition of the tumor at a referral hospital facility when the condition is stable. If there is malignancy, in addition to surgical removal, chemotherapy and radiation are required.

Get enough rest not to stay up late, eat soft nutritious foods, avoid taking pain medications that have the potential to cause stomach irritation, so consult a doctor who is suitable for pain medication, provide constant support and support during treatment.

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