Cooking Oil Or Margarine?

Illustration of Cooking Oil Or Margarine?
Illustration: Cooking Oil Or Margarine?

Hello doc, I want to ask: I am pregnant with my first child. I am 21 years old and my womb is 10w. It’s better to cook with cooking oil or use margarine / butter. Which is better, which is margarine with butter. Thank you dock.

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If you are currently in the 10th week of pregnancy, and you want to choose the oil that is used for frying or frying, then as long as you use cooking oil in general and is not used repeatedly, this is a natural and safe condition for you. And, if you use butter and or margarine, it should not be used at high temperatures for long. Use margarine or butter for fried foods that are not as high as the temperature when you fry them with cooking oil.

In general, you can still use margarine and butter for frying, but you need to choose the type of margarine or butter based on nutritional fact where it does not contain more than 2 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon of margarine or butter. If the saturated fat content is more than 2 grams per tablespoon, this is not recommended because it can increase blood cholesterol and other diseases. The choice of margarine which is softer or contains olive oil will be a good alternative to use compared to butter.

Furthermore, if you ask which is the best between margarine and butter, then you should not use both ingredients for frying every day and for frying that takes a long time. You can choose cooking oil that is safer and less risky when in hot temperatures.

For safe, more stable cooking oil choices in hot temperatures, many experts recommend the use of coconut oil and olive oil; coconut oil which has better stability in hot temperatures when frying, so as not to release toxic materials or free radicals that are risky to health.

Some general things to consider when using any type of cooking oil in frying:

Use new oil
Use the optimal temperature / not cause an increase in smoke (from the form of oil turned into smoke) from the heating effect of cooking oil, this shows the temperature is too hot
Discard used cooking oil
The best recommendations for daily use for frying in your home are olive oil or coconut oil
If you use margarine, then use it to cook food that doesn't take long
As long as you use cooking oil or margarine or butter naturally, it's still safe to use

However, you need to discuss all of this directly with a nutritionist in your city or with your obstetrician. Your doctor will provide the best recommendations for you in processing the food you use either for you during pregnancy or forever.

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