Cope With Acne Stones That Are Difficult To Disappear?

My child has acne from grade 1 junior until now grade 3 junior has not disappeared and he likes to squeeze zits if there is a way

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Good evening Arya Rasyid Yamin, thank you for asking

Acne can be caused by clogged pores by dead skin cells and bacteria get trapped and cause inflammation; hormonal factors also play a role here. Acne occurs in the deeper layers of the skin, forming bumps that contain pus. Not only on the face, acne pimples can occur in other areas such as the back, chest or upper arms.

Risk factors are those who have high androgen hormones, such as teenagers, menstruating women, menopause, pregnancy, or PCOS sufferers.

It is recommended to take your child to a dermatologist for help. The doctor will likely give antibiotics, topical retinoids, isotretinoin, topical drugs that are antibacterial and keratolytic (lifting the outer skin layer) if the doctor assesses any indication. Dermatologists can also recommend several types of therapy such as: peeling, removal / extraction with special tools, as well as laser and photodynamic therapy.

It is recommended not to squeeze the cystic acne, because it is repeated and long-term inflammation will cause acne scars that can be permanent, other than that it cannot be certain that the pimples are squeezed with hygienic hands so that the risk of acne gets infected even higher.

It is also advisable for your sister to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as:

Reducing consumption of fried foods and greasy foods and sweet foods / drinks. It is also recommended to give Wash your face twice a day, use a mild soap and wipe with a clean cloth. Avoid the habit of squeezing and holding pimples Use sunscreen every time you go outdoors, avoid comedogenic makeup products, or you should avoid using makeup first if your face is still problematic. Inadequate fluid needs such as drinking 2 liters of water per day. It is recommended to avoid coffee, tea, cigarettes and alcohol Do regular exercise so that the movement of usu becomes more active. The recommended sports are aerobic (like cycling, running, swimming) with a frequency of 3-5 times / week @ 30-45 minutes. Inadequate sleep needs 7-8 hours / day Avoid stress Hyperlinks related to further explanation about acne:

acne diagnosis

acne treatment

acne complications

All of our suggestions and answers, hopefully useful, good night.

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