Cope With Vomiting Children?

Illustration of Cope With Vomiting Children?
Illustration: Cope With Vomiting Children?

I am Riani, I have a 5 year old son. my child often vomits from the age of toddler until now, and vomiting is due to certain factors, for example he feels / sees something disgusting, in a crowded place, for example at school with friends and the environment around him, he will vomit, see his mother’s nipples vomit at the time. breastfeeding her sister vomits, seeing her sister’s pacifier / baby sister’s genitals she vomits…. looking at the navel, the anus of any animal he vomits, but if he feels happy and doesn’t think about things that make vomiting he doesn’t vomit at school, so I have to be smart to divert his mind / mainset so as not to vomit, look away, invite him to play alone and tell him to hang up the eyes from what he saw would make you vomit… I thought it wasn’t like that when 5 years old but still he was…. is it a disease or disorder? please explain and how to fix it u003cbr u003e thank you,

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Hi Riani,

Thank you for asking

Nausea and vomiting are not a disease, but a symptom of disease. Nausea and vomiting are regulated by various parts of the brain, including one that regulates emotions. The human emotional center (limbic system), which is located in the middle of the brain, also receives information from various sensory systems, such as sight, hearing, taste, and so on. Information that is felt to be disturbing from the sensory system through the emotional center in the brain can cause the sufferer to feel uncomfortable sensations, including nausea to vomiting.

This condition can actually be trained with habituation. Therefore, you do not need to avoid your child from things that often make him vomit. It would be better if you just let it, and give your child understanding in a subtle manner. Children who are 5 years old are generally old enough to understand explanations given by adults. Give your child the understanding that the things he sees or feels are normal, so don't bother about it. Give him an example of how to contain the nausea that appears, and make sure that he can handle the nausea. You can often talk to him to get rid of his nausea. Give the child praise or appreciation for successfully holding back vomiting. However, there is no need to give punishment when the child continues to vomit.

It's not easy, but with consistent habituation, this condition should be minimized so that it doesn't interfere with your child's activities in the future. Letting children play alone and avoiding common things that often trigger nausea can actually make it difficult for children to get along and not easily adapt to their environment later.

If you feel there is no improvement in 1 to 2 months, you should check your child directly to a pediatrician. The doctor will carry out a comprehensive evaluation to identify other possible causes of vomiting, for example drug side effects, very severe pain, bile disorders, food poisoning, infections, satiety, head injuries, brain tumors, cancer, and so on. Apart from interviews and physical examinations, this evaluation may also involve laboratory examinations, X-rays, ultrasound, and so on.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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