Illustration of Corona
Illustration: Corona

hello doc, I want to ask about the problem which is now being preached on the spread of the corona virus / COVID-19, for example humans have contracted other diseases before, for example humans are sick with smallpox, constipation, magh and corona / covid virus attacks 1-19 whether so cured of other diseases / getting worse / mediocre. thanks doc

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Good night. Thank you for asking

Viral infection conditions such as smallpox are caused by a different virus from the COVID virus so that the body's resistance to the virus will be different from the corona virus because it has different substances that will have different immune reactions so that if an infection occurs it can cause symptoms that overlap. While related to constipation and ulcers can occur due to infection, wrong from foods such as eating less fiber. And thus similar to smallpox, the symptoms that will be caused will become more severe if you experience 2 different causes of illness. This should be avoided at the same time because the symptoms are usually getting worse, healing takes longer, disrupt the function of organs. This can be overcome with

keep nutritious food
multiply liquids like 2 liters per day
regular exercise can be done at home
propagated fiber
avoid spicy acidic foods, coffee, and tea

Thus information may be useful

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