Illustration of Corona
Illustration: Corona

Tonight doc, lately my throat hurts so much n suddenly like shortness of breath even though I am diligent in making herbal drinks (ginger, lemongrass, ginger etc) but it still hurts especially at night n I have a fever but bgtu drink paracetamol disappearing fever but appears in the throat like there are phlegm that doesn’t want to come out but there’s no cough, it’s just odd in my throat like phlegm that doesn’t come out even though I diligently rinse my mouth using salt water and drink lasegar too

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Hello goddess,

Thank you for the question.

A sore, tight, phlegm and lumpy throat is likely to indicate that your throat is inflamed (pharyngitis). This strep throat can trigger a lot, including infections (such as Corona virus infection), allergies, irritation, foreign body entry, exposure to dry air, increased gastric acid, side effects of drugs, impaired immunity, even malignancy in the vicinity.

In general, if the tightness you feel is mild, your condition is likely not dangerous. If you comply with the government's recommendation to remain at home, it looks like your risk of contracting the Corona virus will be smaller. Although, vigilance must still be increased, given the incidence of this case in our country continues to surge.

Responding to your complaint, the recommended initial steps are:

Stay at home, don't go out unless it's urgent
Don't shout or talk too much
Eat and drink warm, not greasy, not spicy
Expand eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C and drink water
Use a humidifier water to keep the throat moist
Do not breathe through the mouth
Stay away from cigarettes and things that make you allergic
Do not take any medication, except for paracetamol to help relieve fever and sore throat
Maintain cleanliness, including routine bathing, washing hands, brushing teeth, continued rinsing with warm salt solution

If in a long time your complaint does not improve, or if you feel you've been in contact with sufferers / suspects of COVID-19, it's better to check yourself directly to the doctor. If necessary, your doctor can refer you to an ENT doctor or internal medicine to find further solutions.

Hope this helps ...

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