Illustration of Corona
Illustration: Corona

Doc, if in a village there are no new people / travelers, corona is not affected … Thank you

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 We understand the concerns that you feel

Pandemic COVID-19 disease by the New Variant corona virus (SARS-COV 2) raises various concerns for the community. Symptoms that look similar to the symptoms of the common cold, in some groups of people can trigger respiratory problems that lead to respiratory failure and death. But for those who have good immunity, the virus will disappear on its own with or without symptoms.
 Related to your question, if in one village there are no travelers / people from outside the area, especially areas that are included in the Red Zone of infection, not necessarily able to be free from the risk of infection with the virus.
 We cannot limit others from socializing, nor can we find out who are positively infected (confirmed by laboratory tests) as well as those who are carriers (patients who are infected with the virus but are asymptomatic) look like healthy people but instead risk transmission to people other.
 The immune system greatly influences the condition. In people who have good endurance, he will tend to show mild symptoms and not even symptomatic at all but risk of passing on to others. However, if someone has poor immune system, they will be susceptible to infection and cause symptoms to moderate to severe levels.
 This virus can not be seen with the naked eye so it is difficult to distinguish which sufferers of corona virus infection with ordinary virus infections because the symptoms are almost similar.

The thing that can be done is to maintain physical distancing / physical contact with other people even though there has not been a positive incidence in that area. In addition to maintaining endurance by consuming healthy and nutritious food, meeting the needs of body fluids every day, adequate rest and regular exercise are strongly recommended. Don't forget to wash your hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based handsanitizer of at least 70% to inhibit the development of viruses on the surface of the skin that are often touched with objects in the environment.

Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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