Corona Connection To Forget Something New Happened

Illustration of Corona Connection To Forget Something New Happened
Illustration: Corona Connection To Forget Something New Happened

Hello Doctor, I want to ask about Paranoid. My son is 19 years old. He suffers from paranoia, which means being alone, and hanging out with a few friends. Later, I got the news he was suspected of corona and independent quarantine abroad. Now it looks like he’s starting to improve, but in the last 4-5 days, his laptop and cellphone got infected with a virus and totally died along with the money and his account was drained by hackers. I couldn’t connect with him that long. And I talked with the closest family there. He explained the condition of my child who according to him was Paranoid. I was increasingly worried, that my son said that his closest family did not chat even though I talked for about 10 minutes to tell him to buy a new cellphone so that we would continue to communicate. My question: does covid-19 make my child forget? My child was indeed an ordinary Paranoid before parting with us 4 months ago. Can my child return to normal like other teenagers? Thank you for your attention.

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There is a history of suspicion of Covid-19 infection experienced by your child, where he is currently in a foreign country and has been conducting quarantine independently for several days, then this is a pretty good recovery and prevention step in the Corona pandemic. Staying silent and recovering under the supervision of a doctor in the local area will help prevent recovery and prevent infection to those around him.

However, there is a history of previous paranoia (in your opinion) and at this time he is far from you and is suspected of being infected with the Corona virus and paranoid complaints are increasing, so this can indeed affect his psychological health. In general, the existence of a certain medical disease, especially a disease that affects his life, such as cancer, paralysis or other diseases that are at risk, can indeed trigger mental health disorders. So, the presence of paranoid complaints or other mental health disorders (as your child is feeling is increasingly appearing), it can indeed be triggered by physical health disorders, or certain trauma conditions that they face. By identifying what can influence it, it is hoped that it can control perceived complaints.

What needs to be stressed here is, is this paranoid condition known by your doctor and have received the appropriate treatment or treatment? If the paranoid conclusion is the result of your evaluation in person, then it is necessary for complaints that are felt by your child to get an evaluation and examination directly by your doctor or psychiatrist. Without an examination by a psychiatrist, a mental health diagnosis that may be available cannot be ascertained or referred to. Some mental health disorders can also arise due to current illness conditions, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, mood swing or paranoid, but all of these require direct diagnosis from a psychiatrist or psychologist. Having a great distance from you and being in a risky area can also trigger complaints that are increasingly felt.

Even if your child's health condition has received supervision, examination and direct treatment from your doctor, then you can communicate the current complaint to your doctor, or you can advise your child to consult directly with a psychiatrist or psychologist where your child is located.

And even if your child is currently in a local transmission area or high risk area for Corona infection, then you can give your children some understanding, namely by making a few efforts:

Immediately to find a way so that you can contact him on an ongoing basis, whether to buy a new cell phone, or laptop
If your child has been declared to improve from the risk of Corona virus infection by the authorities, then you can ask for help from other family members who may not be far from him to accompany him. However, if your child's condition is still recovering, then this can wait until the surrounding conditions are declared to have recovered
Invite to talk regularly and let him tell everything that is thought. Let him express his thoughts and feelings, even though you might find it inappropriate. However, try to see the long angle, so he feels calmer and safer
Give some suggestions that your child can do during his career
Ask or pay attention to him every day, whether related to food or health

Therefore, all of this you need to consider carefully the various possible steps you can take, especially relating to your child's general health.

Thus the info we can convey.

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