Corona Disinfectant Liquid

Illustration of Corona Disinfectant Liquid
Illustration: Corona Disinfectant Liquid

In connection with the Covid 19 outbreak, now there is a boom in disinfectant liquid that is sprayed directly on the human body, and some have even created a disinfectant booth.

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Disinfectant booths that are currently used by the public to prevent transmission of the corona virus are not recommended by WHO. Disinfectant liquid is only recommended for use on the surface of inanimate objects to kill microorganisms and bacteria, not to be used directly on the surface of the human body. Disinfectant fluids can cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes, and when combined with ultraviolet rays they can trigger the risk of skin cancer.

At this time what needs to be done to prevent the transmission of the corona virus is to wash your hands as much as possible by using soap and running water. Besides the use of alcohol-based antiseptics at a minimum concentration of 60% can also help kill microorganisms, although not as much as washing hands with soap and water. The use of alcohol-based antiseptics with high concentrations needs to be careful because they are flammable.

In addition to antiseptic action through routine hand washing, to prevent transmission of the corona virus, it is advised not to touch the face with your hands, take a shower immediately after long activities outside the home, wash clothes with detergent, and iron clothes with disinfectant liquid. To clean the surface of inanimate objects, you can use chlorine liquid dissolved with water with a minimum ratio of chlorine and water is 1:10.

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