Corona Or Not

Illustration of Corona Or Not
Illustration: Corona Or Not

My child is 3 years old. After eating ice cream with her siblings, the next day my child coughs and has a fever. I gave cough medicine that I bought at the pharmacy and also sanmol. Fever up and down, but cough is still there. After 3 days I took it to the doctor and was only given antibiotics and fever medication. After the medicine wears off, the cough and fever go down if you take the medicine Sanmol. But you will get a fever again. It’s been more than 1 week my child still has a fever but isn’t high and is still coughing. Sometimes there are complaints of sore throat, feeling bad stomach, diarrhea but there is still pulp and go back and forth asking for pup but not coming out or just coming out a little. And also these 3 days feel achy in the legs, still fever and cough. Is this my child having the covid 19 dock virus?

Originally posted 2020-04-12 03:07:30.

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Hello Ms. Septi

I understand what you are worried about in the midst of a corona virus pandemic now, but the symptoms of corona disease can vary depending on the person's immune system. So that there could be people who have been affected by corona but there are no symptoms at all like healthy people known as OTG (people without symptoms).

On the other hand the symptoms experienced by your child are quite common symptoms in children, namely in the form of a fever that is not too high and a cough that is usually caused by rotavirus, which causes "common" cold coughs, because generally symptoms of fever or respiratory that is caused will not develop into a serious disease. However other factors also need to be considered such as cough-fever caused by bacterial infections, strep throat, bronchitis, and rhinitis.

The most basic thing to determine whether a corona infection is strong or not is from searching for a contact history with anyone so far. Because if the mother and child live in an area that is not at high risk and there is no history of traveling to the area (for example, Jakarta is now a high-risk area because of the high number of illnesses due to corona) and there is no history of physical contact with people going from high-risk areas. that is very small the possibility of corona virus infection. But if it turns out Mother and child are tall in high-risk areas and there is a history of going out of the house especially if there is contact with other people whose health condition is unknown, the possibility of corona infection is certainly greater.

That is why the government recommends not to go out of the house if it is not urgent. To break the chain of transmission of the disease. Suggestions for mothers at this time are do not panic, because what is experienced by your child can not be ascertained the cause, because the condition is quite stable and there are no disorders such as high fever more than 39 degrees Celsius, severe coughing, shortness of breath, or seizures. And children can still eat until they run out and move as usual. Then the treatment can be done at home first using a fever-lowering drug and cough that can be obtained freely at the pharmacy, and helps compress the child's forehead area with warm water.

If there are suspicious symptoms as mentioned earlier, then the child is brought to the doctor for further examination to ascertain what the cause. The doctor may need to do a series of examinations such as physical examination, and some supporting examinations such as blood tests. To ensure that the fever experienced is not caused by "not a normal fever" such as dengue fever, typhoid fever, measles fever, etc. If the assessment by a doctor found that suspicion leads to corona infection, it is possible that your child will be tested quickly (rapid test), however all of these examinations are based on the consideration of the doctor who examined it according to the findings of information from the patient's symptoms and physical examination.

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