Corona Rapid Test

Illustration of Corona Rapid Test
Illustration: Corona Rapid Test

Doc, I want to ask. Can it be reactive when we test rapid corona, but we are not infected with the corona virus, for example, we are exposed to the herpes virus, or exposed to the DHF virus at other viruses that actually we are not exposed to corona. Can it be a positive false? like that? Thanks doc ..

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Hi Apis,

Corona rapid test is an examination to detect the presence of antibodies produced due to exposure to corona virus antigens. So this examination can not detect the presence of corona virus in the body, but detects a reaction from the body (in the form of antibodies) to the virus. Therefore, if the corona rapid test is positive, then it must be crosschecked by lab examination (RT-PCR)

Thus, the examination specifically detects the presence of IgG (immunoglobulin G) or IgM (immunoglobulin M) antibodies in the corona virus, thus other viral infections should not cause false positives (false positives) with other groups of viruses. Just keep in mind also, the corona virus is a group / group of viruses, so it is not only a cause of Covid-19 infection (SARS-Cov-2), but can also be a cause of SARS and MERS, so there is a possibility of cross-reaction with the corona virus the other.

However, false positive results can still occur due to various things such as human error or due to production defects. If you or your relatives have doubts about the results of your rapid test or have questions related to the rapid test, I strongly recommend that you consult directly with your doctor in order to get advice and appropriate information about it.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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