Corona Virus

Illustration of Corona Virus
Illustration: Corona Virus

Hello, doctor, let me ask you a question. Regarding the corona virus, is it hot, this virus can die? This virus can certainly stick anywhere, can be in objects or plants, anywhere even in the open? If this virus can die in hot conditions, is enough sunlight? When in lectures, usually after microbiology practicum, sterilization is done to kill bacteria or microorganisms. Then, how to stabilize the environment from corona virus, later? Or how to ensure that the environment is completely clean from corona virus? Thank you 😀

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Hello Rara, thank you for your question on HealthReplies. Corona virus is a virus that causes infections of the respiratory tract. The corona virus causes a disease called covid 19, which was discovered in China at the end of 2019. This virus is a family or genus with causes of SARS and MERS. Covid 19 symptoms are characterized by cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath and fever of more than 37.5 degrees. The corona virus will basically die at room temperature of 30 degrees. Some research sources state that the corona virus will last 1 day at room temperature 30 degrees and last 1 month at room temperature 4 degrees. So the corona virus will die if at room temperature above 30 degrees. This virus is transmitted through saliva or saliva, therefore this virus can stick to inanimate objects around. Although it can stick to it just that the virus will not last long in inanimate objects, the virus will need a host or a living thing to survive. Ways to prevent the environment from being corona safe are, apply diligent hand washing using soap after activity, set room temperature at a temperature that is not cold, use a cloth mask when doing outside activities with a note that the cloth mask must be washed if it has been used for 4 hours, take a multivitamin and exercise. May be useful. Always healthy.

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