Coronary Heart?

Illustration of Coronary Heart?
Illustration: Coronary Heart?

I am 69 years old, have paired 2 pieces of ring and nominated 1 in 2009 and then nominated again in 2017. I remain in control every month with cardiologists and routinely take Glodipogrel, novartis, atorvastatin. Now I feel, sometimes hot and cold, sweating, legs when walking a bit weak. How is this doctor. thank you

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Hello Zulfa,

Thank you for the question.

Chills and sweating and weak feet can indicate heart problems such as coronary heart disease, as you already have a history of heart disease with a ring and balloon in your heart. When the heart pumps blood through a blocked or narrowed blood vessel, the heart will do harder work, and the body will compensate by releasing sweat to lower body temperature when doing the harder work.

You can consult this with your cardiologist when your control schedule or when the medication runs out. In this co-19 outbreak condition, you are advised not to go outside the house, especially to hospitals where the risk of infection is higher, unless you experience emergency symptoms such as:

Shortness that is burdensome when sleeping position, can not sleep in a flat position (must be propped up at least 2 pillows), tightness accompanied by reddish coughing phlegm.
Chest pain that is like a heavy burden, spreads to the arm or back or neck, and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting and cold sweat.

For a while you can continue treatment, maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy nutritious foods and drink 2-3 liters per day, exercise regularly as directed by your doctor, and maintain endurance.

Hopefully this information can help.


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