Corrugated Foot Near Ankle Age 26

Illustration of Corrugated Foot Near Ankle Age 26
Illustration: Corrugated Foot Near Ankle Age 26

Doc, I want to ask the medicine for gentimicin ointment if you use breastfeeding medicine, the problem is you don’t use it for sores. The stroke near the ankle

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Hello Mulyana,

Thank you for the question.

Broken feet or the appearance of wounds on the feet accompanied by black crust and can also be accompanied by pus can indicate a bacterial infection in the wound or often referred to as pyoderma. To treat this pyoderma, the doctor can prescribe topical antibiotics such as ointments or creams, or oral antibiotics taken, depending on the type of injury experienced. Basically topical antibiotics are relatively safe for nursing mothers, because the use of these antibiotics is local and only on the surface of the skin so it tends not to be absorbed into the body system. However, the use of antibiotics requires a prescription and doctor's advice to avoid the risk of resistance.

The following are recommendations that can be done to deal with ulcer you have:

 Do not scratch areas that are festering or reddish / swollen. Clean the skin with running water or saline. Dry the skin with a clean towel or can with sterile gauze. Avoid skin becoming moist, cover with sterile gauze if the wound is large and tends to get wet. Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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