Corticosteroid Content In Ointments?

Illustration of Corticosteroid Content In Ointments?
Illustration: Corticosteroid Content In Ointments?

Hello doctor Since I was a child I suffered from eczema and was given by a doctor in the form of “inerson” ointment where I had read that the ointment contained corticosteroids / desoximetasone which had side effects. The product is good on my skin although the eczema has not completely disappeared, but I am worried about the side effects of the ointment, some say that the content of the ointment can inhibit growth (cannot be high), is it true? Please explain about the side effects … what is dangerous if the corticosteroid content is consumed, is it safe to use outside use? and beg for a solution. thank you

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Good evening Mrs. Salsa. Thank you for consulting

Topical form corticosteroids (ointments) are one of the drugs that are classified as anti-inflammatory, usually used in areas of the skin that are applied to the affected area. Some diseases that use topical corticosteroids (ointments) are diseases related to inflammation of the skin such as allergies to the skin (eczema or urticaria), thickened skin called plaque (psoriasis), inflammation of the skin (dermatitis).

Treatment to relieve inflammation is usually given by the doctor according to the required dosage and type of disease because inflammation with thick skin forms usually requires corticosteroid ointments with high potential but on thin skin preferably with low potential. This is related to the side effects that can be caused

Skin thinning
- The skin becomes hot and itchy
- The skin starts to dry
- Visible blood vessels on the surface of the skin

To avoid side effects that may occur in general, corticosteroid use is only used a maximum of 1 week after it must be stopped or adjusted to a lower dose. We recommend that if in one week the condition does not improve consult the conditions experienced by doctors, especially dermatologists.

Regarding corticosteroids, you can read more about this article

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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