Costs For Gallstone Surgery?

Illustration of Costs For Gallstone Surgery?
Illustration: Costs For Gallstone Surgery?

Good night. I want to ask if gallstones 1 cm can be laser surgery or have conventional surgery? And how much does laser surgery usually cost? thank you

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Gallstones or in medical language is called kolelitiasis is a disease caused by the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Gallstones are generally formed from cholesterol deposits in the gallbladder. The formation of stones can be influenced by a variety of factors, including factors over the age of 40 years, more common in women due to the influence of hormones, too often consume fatty foods, and excessive body weight.
Gallstones often cause complaints of colic pain in the upper right abdomen or can also be felt in the solar plexus. Colic pain appears lost and arises with a fairly large intensity of pain when recurring. Pain can last in a matter of minutes to hours. Nausea, vomiting and fever can also be found.
At the beginning of the formation of stones, symptoms are often not visible. At this stage, even though a small gallstone (less than 1 cm) is known and does not cause any symptoms, doctors will usually not recommend the removal of gallstones. Treatment with ursodeoksikolat acid can help break down and dissolve gallstones and is usually accompanied by symptomatic treatment / symptom relief such as pain relief when pain is felt in mild-moderate intensity.
If severe pain is felt that often recur and there are signs of infection such as fever and
Murphy's sign is found from the results of physical examination, then it can be considered operative measures for stone taking.
Related to your question, maybe what is meant by laser surgery is laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This method is a simpler surgical procedure by making small incisions at several points in the abdomen to insert a tool that can take the gallstones. This technique is easier and has been done a lot and provides benefits for patients because it recovers quickly, minimal operative scars and complications can also be suppressed. Another more conventional method is to make an open incision in the stomach.
Related to the selection of the operative method, the surgeon is more authorized to determine what action is best in accordance with the condition of the patient who has been examined directly.
As for the cost of laparoscopic surgery, each hospital has its own policy in determining the administrative affairs. Therefore, we suggest that you have a direct discussion with the surgeon so that you can get more complete information regarding this matter.
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