Cough Accompanied By Chest Pain And Chills Whether Corona?

Illustration of Cough Accompanied By Chest Pain And Chills Whether Corona?
Illustration: Cough Accompanied By Chest Pain And Chills Whether Corona?

Doc, I sometimes cough, then my chest hurts, and it’s a bit shivering, is this still safe for corona virus? The thing is, I’m asking that my chest hurts / can also be stressed because of my stress lately.

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Coughing, chest discomfort and chills can be caused by many factors. To be able to differentiate between each cause requires a complete direct examination. Some possibilities that can cause similar complaints include:

 Influenza Pharyngitis Tonsillitis Dyspepsia GERD Anxiety disorders Dehydration Temporary things you can do include:

 Drink plenty of water Get enough sleep and rest Do not smoke Do not consume alcohol Manage stress Avoiding spicy, sour, coconut milk, oily foods, chips Avoiding foods and drinks sweet, chocolate, candy Avoiding dust, cigarette smoke, and pollution Related to your questions about coronavirus or COVID-19, here are some of the main symptoms that can be caused if someone is infected with coronavirus:

 High fever Dry cough Shortness of breath In some cases it can also be accompanied by sore throat, joint pain, weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Supported by a history of traveling to an infected country or a history of contact with COVID-19 sufferers in the last 14 days period.

To avoid COVID-19, take the following precautions:

  Wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds as often as possible or use a hand sanitizer if you are outside the house without access to running water. Avoid touching your face before washing your hands. Avoid crowds or crowds, give a minimum physical distance of 1 meter from others. and mouth with a tissue and immediately discard. Or cover using the inner elbow Use a mask when you are sick, and do isolation independently at home. Avoid traveling outside the home unless it is important and urgent (social distancing) to prevent transmission. If you are worried you can check the risk of COVID-19 transmission on our website, you can click here.

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