Cough Accompanied By High Fever In Children 1 Year?

Illustration of Cough Accompanied By High Fever In Children 1 Year?
Illustration: Cough Accompanied By High Fever In Children 1 Year?

Hello??? I want to ask, my child is just the age of 1 u0026frac12; .th, experiencing cough + fever, his body reaches 39.5 degrees … but the bad heat is only the upper part, if the hands and feet are normal / cold … that’s what symptoms yes ??? are the symptoms included tips. ???

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Hello Ruslan,

Thank you for the question.

The child's normal body temperature is no more than 37.5 degrees Celsius. If your child's body temperature rises more than this normal value, even though not all parts of his body feel hot, you still need to be vigilant. Worried, his fever and cough indicate that he has a viral or bacterial infection, which can be limited to the respiratory system or other organ systems. Tipes is a layman's term for typhoid fever, which is an infection of the respiratory system by the bacterium Salmonella typhi which can also be one of the causes of fever and (though rarely) coughing.

Need to be clarified, how long has your child been feverish and coughing? Do other complaints also appear, such as shortness, vomiting, stiff neck, convulsions, and so on?

If a new fever occurs 1-3 days, and no danger signs like we have mentioned before, you should not panic. To improve, you can do it first:

 Give the child paracetamol and compress his neck with warm water so that his body temperature drops Give your child more milk and warm water Give him food and drink that is warm, easy to digest, not greasy, no artificial sweetness, especially spicy Don't use air conditioning or a fan too cold near the child Expand skin to skin physical contact with the child as long as he is still fever. But make sure your body is clean when in contact with children. Keep the child away from dust, pollution, smoke, and other allergens Let the child get plenty of rest If there are people around the child who are coughing, fever, colds, and sneezing, do not let him close or kiss your child if in 3 days your child's condition is not also improves, if there are other more severe complaints as mentioned above, or if you and / or your baby have COVID-19 risk factors (such as having been in contact with a sufferer of COVID-19, having traveled or contacting people who have traveled to areas with COVID-19 outbreaks, then immediately check your child to the doctor or pediatrician. With a direct physical examination, or supplemented with laboratory examinations, X-rays, and other supporting tests, of course the doctor can give your child the right treatment according to the cause of his complaint.

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