Cough And Cold In Children?

Illustration of Cough And Cold In Children?
Illustration: Cough And Cold In Children?

, want to ask my child, I have been coughing for 3 days, with mucus and cough for my child to have difficulty breathing, I have given syrup medicine but nothing has changed,

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Hello ayu

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, coughing colds in children or called the common cold, this is caused by an infection in the respiratory tract caused by the general caused by viruses or bacteria that infect the nose and throat.

a cold cough caused by a virus will heal by itself, so it does not need to be treated with antibiotics. What needs to be treated with antibiotics is a cold cough due to a bacterial infection. When a cold cough does not heal in 2 weeks and is accompanied by a high fever and shortness of breath you can immediately take your child to the pediatrician to do a direct examination and provide proper treatment. Moreover, the corona virus outbreaks should keep isolating at home and prevent corona.

there are some tips that can be done among them:

stay at home, avoid direct contact with others
diligently washing hands every time holding a child and giving medicine
try to get the child to sleep enough
position the baby's head higher when lying down
give more fluids such as breast milk and water
You can rub balm specifically for children
You can leave warm water vapor or humidifer

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

just stay at home, child, you and your family

thank you

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