Cough And Cold

Illustration of Cough And Cold
Illustration: Cough And Cold

Afternoon, Doc. I told you a few days ago of sprue, so there was inflammation, dry cough, and fever (around 36.9). I try to give medicine, 2-3 days once it’s improved. Well, 2 days after that, the dry cough appeared again Doc, usually at night the symptoms begin to appear. I tried to drink warm water with honey Doc, but it’s been lost for 4 days Doc. I am worried whether it has something to do with the symptoms of Covid19 huh Doc? Thanks.

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Hello Gods ...
Thank you for asking at, I try to help answer yes ...
Dry cough is a cough that does not expel phlegm and phlegm, this condition is usually caused by several conditions such as: allergies, increased joint acid, viral infections, other lung diseases such as asthma. The average dry cough can heal for 3 weeks, but if the dry cough is experienced continuously it can cause irritation to the respiratory tract. A dry cough may arise if the medication you take is not suitable or the dosage is not enough. You can take cough medicines containing diphenhydramine HVl and ammonium chloride. Diphenhydramine itself is a class of antihistamine drugs that are useful for allergic reactions and also for dry cough medicines and ammonium chloride functions as an expectorant to help remove cough-triggering substances. Some things you can do to reduce complaints of dry cough besides taking medication are:
- Sufficient fluid needs: dehydration can cause a dry throat, sufficient water requirements can provide moisture in the collision and reduce mucus production and reduce irritation, lemon juice mixed with honey can also function to relieve dry coughs. Drink warm water as often as possible to help relieve the respiratory tract.
- Avoid trigger foods: avoid spicy foods, or foods that can make your throat feel itchy and make coughing like beans.
- Increase body immunity: with good body immunity, the body can fight viruses that attack the body. How to increase body immunity is by getting enough rest, eating nutritious food, taking vitamin C 3 times a day or other immune enhancing supplements in accordance with the advice of the doctor or in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.
Someone is said to have a fever if the body temperature is more than 38 degrees Celsius. Corona virus that is growing rapidly in various countries including Indonesia does have similar complaints like respiratory infections in general, but if you have similar complaints you can also trace any history of contact or exposure to people infected with the virus. If you don't have that history but you have a similar complaint, keep doing social distancing for 14 days while increasing your body's immunity and avoiding anxiety and excessive stress so that your mind remains calm. If the complaint is felt to be more burdensome until there are complaints of shortness of breath, immediately see a doctor for further examination.
In situations where the corona virus is spreading rapidly, if not accompanied by needs and urgency you should stay at home, or take care of yourself so as not to be exposed to the virus, if there are complaints such as sore throat that gets worse for more than 2 weeks, accompanied by fever more than 38 degrees Celsius, coughs, colds that do not heal until there is a feeling of tightness or difficulty breathing, even though you have tried to take medication, then you should check yourself to the doctor, for further examination.
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