Cough And Flu Without Fever

Illustration of Cough And Flu Without Fever
Illustration: Cough And Flu Without Fever

Afternoon dock. I want to ask. Cough and flu without fever, does that include symptoms of covid 19 doc? Coincidentally yesterday it was over heat outside the house and then immediately drink iced coffee.

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Hello Gia,

Thank you for the question.

Covid-19 is a disease caused by coronavirus that attacks the respiratory tract and gives symptoms of high fever (body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius) accompanied by a sore throat, cough, runny nose and shortness of breath in advanced cases. This disease is influenced by a history of traveling abroad or areas within the country that are infected with this disease as well as a history of contact with positive patients with Covid-19. You can check the risk of contracting Covid-19 on this page.

There are other possibilities of complaints of cough and flu without fever, such as:

Common cold.
Sore throat.

Although there is no fever, the wisest step when you experience symptoms of cough and flu is to stay at home for 14 days without physical interaction with other people with a distance of less than 1-2 meters. If you have a high fever and severe shortness of breath, you can contact the nearest health facility.

Here are things you can do to reduce complaints at home:

Enough rest.
Drink warm water to relieve cough. Drink 2-3 liters of water per day.
Take vitamin supplements to maintain immunity.
Giving warm steam to the nose, can be added with menthol to relieve nasal complaints. Sleep with a few pillows to ease breathing.
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or sanitizer.

Avoid sugary foods / drinks because they can irritate the throat.
Avoid smoking.
Avoid touching the face.
Manage stress well.

Hopefully this information can be useful and hopefully get well soon.


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