Cough And Runny Nose Have A Fever

Illustration of Cough And Runny Nose Have A Fever
Illustration: Cough And Runny Nose Have A Fever

What is the fastest way to dock so that my cough and cold and mild fever disappear in 1 day

Originally posted 2020-04-14 10:14:11.

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Hello Nico,

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Coughs, colds, and fever most often indicate you have an infection in the respiratory tract, for example due to viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms. Sometimes, symptoms of prodromal infection in other organ systems, allergies, foreign body entry, irritation, inflammatory disorders, living polyps, nasal septum deviation, and several other factors can also trigger complaints like this.

As to what is the right treatment to overcome this condition, and how long the healing time required for complaints like this, of course the answer can vary, depending on the cause, severity, and your general health condition. As an initial management, so that your complaint heals faster, it is recommended to:

Take paracetamol if you still have a fever
Don't eat and drink cold, artificial sweets and greasy
Use a mask during coughing
Don't leave the house yet, unless it's an emergency
Do not contact with cold, smoke, dust, pollution, animal hair, pollen, and allergens and other airway irritants
Eat healthy and nutritiously balanced foods, enrich your intake of fruits rich in vitamin C and drink lots of water
Reduce activities that are too tiring, get plenty of rest and exercise at home

Of course, no one can guarantee your complaint will recover in 1 day in any way. However, if you are disciplined in carrying out the steps above, if your condition is mild, often in less than 1 week the complaint will be much improved, so you can return to activity as usual.

However, if you experience a more severe complaint, such as a high fever or shortness of breath, and if you feel you have been in contact with sufferers / suspects of COVID-19, living / having traveled to an area with an outbreak of COVID-19, then you better check yourself directly to the doctor so that further treated yes .. In cases of suspected severe, it may be that later the doctor will direct you to see an ENT doctor or internal medicine.

Hope this helps ...

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