Cough And Sneeze But Don’t Have A Fever. Do I Need To Check?

Illustration of Cough And Sneeze But Don’t Have A Fever. Do I Need To Check?
Illustration: Cough And Sneeze But Don’t Have A Fever. Do I Need To Check?

hello doc, ask for enlightenment I have a history of bronchopemonia, currently I have coughing up phlegm and sneezing. but I don’t have a fever / heat. I want to go to the hospital to check whether I got co-19 or not, I’m afraid of being dominated by the positive because I’m vulnerable. then what should I do in the middle of a boom like this.

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Hello Amelia, thank you for asking at

The complaint that you are experiencing at this time, even if it is not accompanied by a fever, can still be a symptom of COVID-19 even though it is not typical, however, your complaint can also be caused by several other conditions such as:

Common cold
Recurrent bronchopneumonia

Because you are currently experiencing shortness of breath, even though the complaint is not typical, you are still encouraged to consult a doctor for further evaluation whether the current condition requires further examination at a referral hospital to get a COVID-19 examination.

In the meantime, besides going to the doctor, you are also advised to:

Stay at home for at least 14 days since a complaint arises and try to keep you in a different room with other family members
Use a standard surgical mask as long as complaints are still felt
Maintain regular hand hygiene by washing hands for at least 20 seconds in the correct manner using soap and running water or alcohol-based sanitizers
Keep your food intake nutritious and balanced enough every day
Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits
Maintain fluid consumption, especially at least 8 glasses of water per day
Get enough rest at least 6-8 hours every day
Do light exercise every day for at least 30 seconds
Ensure that the air vents in your home and room isolate themselves quite well
Avoiding sputum carelessly, throw it in an open and direct flow like in a toilet
Conduct good cough ethics that is using the elbows or covering the mouth with a tissue and then immediately throw the tissue into a closed trash can

If shortness of breath is felt to be getting worse or fever (temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius or more), it is highly recommended to immediately go to the hospital emergency room to get further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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