Cough At Night

Illustration of Cough At Night
Illustration: Cough At Night

Tonight .. I want to ask, my child is 9 years old … if every night I cough then … What should I do, because sometimes I can’t sleep … I’ve been to the clinic only to give cough medicine , but the medicine was gone coughing still appeared .. ask for help handling it like what

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Hello Amir, thank you for asking at We understand the concerns that you feel.

Coughing at night can occur due to several possibilities including:

Asthma, usually coughing with shortness of breath, breathing sounds, and triggered by several possibilities such as cigarette smoke, dust, cold weather, pollen, and so on.
Bacterial infections, such as tuberculosis (TB), which are characterized by a long-lasting cough, fever, decreased BB in children, and so on.

Bronchitis, is inflammation of the bronchi caused by infection, allergies, irritation, and other causes of the respiratory tract.

Handlers certainly must be adjusted to the underlying cause. Therefore a thorough examination is needed on your child to determine one possible definitive diagnosis. The examination includes a medical interview, physical examination, and other additional examinations (for example blood tests, chest x-rays, and so on).

For now, there are several things you can do:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods, multiply vegetables and fruit
Drink enough water, especially warm ones
Avoid cold and too sweet drinks
Enough rest
Teach children to exercise
Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke
Avoid triggering complaints
Use thick, warm clothing if cold weather causes complaints

If the complaint continues or is considered burdensome, return to your doctor immediately for further treatment and management. In the midst of the current outbreak of COVID-19, stay alert when you leave the house. If you have to go out using a mask, avoid using public transportation, keep a distance from the people around, and routinely wash your hands with soap and running water.

So, hopefully useful.

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