Cough, Chills, Dizziness, And Pee Pain Has Been 2 Weeks?

Illustration of Cough, Chills, Dizziness, And Pee Pain Has Been 2 Weeks?
Illustration: Cough, Chills, Dizziness, And Pee Pain Has Been 2 Weeks?

Good night, sorry to bother you. Doksaya from a few weeks ago had started to feel sick but initially I was sick with a normal dry cough. what “) I just want to ask exactly what is this disease?

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Hi Chrisna,

Thank you for the question.

Coughing, accompanied by fever, chills, dizziness, pain during urination, and vomiting may indicate that you have an infection, such as a respiratory infection, digestive infection, urinary tract infection, or other organ systems. The cause of this infection can vary, ranging from viruses or bacteria. These infections are often transmitted directly or indirectly from people near you. You will be more susceptible to infection if you often share personal belongings with him, and also if your immune system is not good.

In addition to infection, your complaints may also arise due to other factors, such as dyspepsia, cystitis, stones or kidney infections, allergies, and many other possibilities.

Your condition really isn't always dangerous. But if it happens it's been weeks, it's good you don't just let it go. Go to see your doctor directly or doctor of internal medicine so that further treatment can be done according to the cause. Usually, if the doctor suspects a serious condition, he will direct you to undergo blood tests, x-rays, urine tests, or some other supporting tests.

In the meantime, what can be done:

Rest more
When you have fever, chills, and pain when you urinate, relieve it by taking paracetamol
Drink warm water and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C more
Eat also a variety of balanced nutritional value foods, little by little but often
Maintain cleanliness of the intimate organs better
Stay away from substances that might make you allergic, including cold, dust, smoke, pollen, animal hair
Do not smoke
Wear warm clothes
Do not use air conditioner or excessive fan

Hope this helps ...

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