Cough Colds In 8-month-old Babies?

Illustration of Cough Colds In 8-month-old Babies?
Illustration: Cough Colds In 8-month-old Babies?

Night. R nMy son, aged 8 months with a bodyweight of 10 kg. First I treat it with warm steam, it doesn’t heal too. Until the cough vomited, I immediately took it to the pediatrician. The medicine has run out, but it still hasn’t recovered. Just today his eyes came out a lot of dirt. R n r nWhat should I do? Can it be treated without having to take chemical drugs? My baby’s symptoms were a sign why? R nThank you doctor …

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Coughing and colds are complaints. which is quite common in children. In general, this condition is caused due to a viral or bacterial infection, which often attacks due to immunity in children, especially babies, is still not perfect.

Symptoms of a cold cough are sometimes the initial symptoms of viral and bacterial infections, both airway infections such as influenza disease, lung tract infections (bronchitis, bronchiolitis), lung infections (pneumonia). But it can also be an early symptom in other diseases such as measles, pertussis, parotitis (mumps), etc.

If the condition your child has not recovered after undergoing treatment from a doctor, it is better to re-examine the doctor so that it can be evaluated and if necessary further tests to track other possible causes.

As for what you should do:

Inadequate the nutritional needs of children with breast milk and foods that are appropriate for your child's age
Limit the child's physical activity
Inhale the child in warm water vapor to help remove the snot
Dry the children around 7.30-8.00
Apply warm oil to the child's chest and back
If the nose is blocked, you can help remove the snot with a soft straw using a pipette

If there is a high fever, the child tends to be weak and sleepy, rapid breathing, tightness, chest wall pulled in when breathing, bluish, difficult to eat and drink, do not delay checking the child to the nearest doctor or igd.

That's all the explanation from me. May be useful

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