Cough Colds In Children Aged 16 Months And Sleep Snoring?

Illustration of Cough Colds In Children Aged 16 Months And Sleep Snoring?
Illustration: Cough Colds In Children Aged 16 Months And Sleep Snoring?

My child is 16 months old. If you sleep like a person snoring like that, and just vomited yet to the doctor because I was sick the morning of the illness

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Basically babies have airways that are narrower than adults. Therefore a slight blockage in the nose (for example because the baby has a cold cough) will cause the baby's breathing sounds to be more heard (and often during sleep the baby will sound snoring / snoring). The following are some of the symptoms that you need to pay attention to during your baby's illness and need to be taken to the doctor as soon as possible:

 Fever is very high (up to more than 40 degrees Celsius) The baby has a seizure the first time the baby has a rash on his body The baby looks very sick (does not want to eat, drink, or suckle, looks inactive or sleep continuously) Baby looks shortness (rapid breathing , nasal lobe looks deflated when breathing, sounds snickering, muscles between the ribs look in when the baby breathes) Babies experience diarrhea very often and are very fluid Babies experience vomiting until they cannot enter the fluid at all Babies appear to be heavily dehydrated Babies experience coughing colds up to 7 days and do not seem to improve or have improved and become worse again Vomiting is also a symptom that is quite often accompanying the baby when coughing colds, but you do not need to worry too much if vomiting only occurs occasionally and the child can still eat and drink well.

For now, there are a number of things you can do:

 Give a fever medicine if the baby has a high fever. Never give a cold cough medicine to the baby (because it has not been proven to speed healing or relieve symptoms, but rather increase the risk of side effects) Put an air humidifier or humidifier in the baby's bedroom. Bathe the baby in warm water and let the baby breathe water vapor from the bath Do nasal irrigation if the baby's nose really sounds clogged You can also give honey to your child (because he is more than 1 year old). Honey is proven to help reduce coughing, especially at night in children over 1 year. Let the child sleep and rest for longer. Give the child whatever he wants, but still give milk and other liquids that the child wants to drink.

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