Cough Colds In Children Aged 3 Years

Illustration of Cough Colds In Children Aged 3 Years
Illustration: Cough Colds In Children Aged 3 Years

At night my child is 3.5 years old BB 14kg cough and cold 3 days, if during the day there is no fever playing biassa, if the night fever continues, do not give paracetamol dumin tablets like one to four, giving me mixed with sgm 100cc with a dose of 3.5 spoonful, immediately lapse some after the heat went down, but how come I was shivering, maybe what was the effect of my medication being mixed up or something thank you ???

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Hello Mudjiono,

Fever is an increase in body temperature above normal body temperature. Normal body temperature ranges from 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Fever arises as the body's response to an infection, inflammation, and can occur if there is interference with the thermostat - the central temperature regulation in the brain.

Fever can be accompanied by chills, the reasons include:

 When an infection occurs the body's immune response arises. This body immunity will stimulate the central temperature regulation to raise the lower limit of body temperature. The goal is when body temperature is higher, the metabolic rate including the immune response can be faster. When the central temperature regulation (in the brain) sets a higher temperature, body temperature has not adjusted so that it is lower than the set temperature. In this phase the patient often feels his body cold and the body responds by shivering to raise body temperature to match what is set by the temperature control center. If the body temperature is the same as the central temperature regulator, the chills will disappear by itself. At the time of fever, body temperature will be higher with the ambient temperature than normal, so that the air that is not too cold will feel cooler by the patient. So that it will trigger chills too. In conditions where parents will often wrap a child with a thick blanket or thick clothes, this will actually increase body temperature, so the temperature difference with the environment is getting bigger and more chills. When given medication, the temperature regulation will return down. It takes time for the body to adjust, at that time the body temperature is relatively higher than the central body temperature regulation, so we often see the patient's body sweating. Sweating is an attempt to expel excessive heat in the body. If the body temperature is the same as the temperature regulator, the patient no longer sweat a lot. When the body is wet with sweat, it's time to change clothes to new ones, so that patients don't feel cold and shiver again. Shivering is also a common symptom accompanying illnesses caused by viral infections, bacterial infections, malaria, etc. Paracetamol is the safest antidote for children. The recommended dose is 10-15 mg / kg body weight of the child. Can be given an interval of 4 hours if the child continues to have a fever.

You need to be alert if the child experiences the following:

 Fever> 40 degrees centigrade Severe headache Decreased consciousness Seizures Pain in the neck / stiffness Shortness of breath Vomiting spray Very little BAK volume Abdominal pain Appear rashes all over the body Fever> 3 days It is better to quickly bring the child to the nearest health facility. * Pay attention to the rules that must be followed when you will visit a health facility or leave the house during this Covid-19 outbreak. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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