Cough Colds In Children Aged 8 Months?

Illustration of Cough Colds In Children Aged 8 Months?
Illustration: Cough Colds In Children Aged 8 Months?

, ank, I was eight months old, cough and runny nose, can I put on baby cough syrup?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The drug you mentioned is one of the drugs that is actually safe to give to babies and with the label in the form of a blue circle, you can buy freely but is limited and caution should be given to its use.

But what must be considered is that, unlike adults, it is far better for babies not to use drugs if they are not absolutely necessary. On the other hand, it could also be that your baby actually requires treatment that is more than just giving the drug.

Therefore, what we want to say is that you should continue to check with your baby to see a doctor to get a better understanding of your baby's condition and the best treatment. Because once again, the focus of attention is more on the organs in infants who are still weak so that handling must be appropriate and should not be tried. By seeing a doctor, the possibility of misunderstanding can be lower, and your child can get the best treatment, both with and without medication.

Meanwhile, keep your child away from cigarettes, pollution, and dust, keep the environment clean, especially the room, keep away from hairy animals and sick people, and meet their nutritional needs. So, hopefully answering your question.

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