Cough Colds In Infants Aged 2 Months?

Illustration of Cough Colds In Infants Aged 2 Months?
Illustration: Cough Colds In Infants Aged 2 Months?

At night, my child aged 2 months less than 8hrs was almost 1 week cough before a cold I now coughed up and sometimes interfered with my sleep. my house is in the village so if I go to the pediatrician I have to go to the city in a 1 hour trip so what should I do?

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Coughing is a response of the airway to remove substances or foreign objects from the respiratory tract. Coughing can occur for a short time or persist for a long time. Cough can be productive (phlegm) or non-productive (dry cough).

Colds are the response of the airways, specifically the nasal passages to expel mucus with the aim of maintaining moisture and avoiding substances and foreign objects to enter the airway deeper.

Coughs and colds can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Infections of the respiratory tract, such as the nose, throat, larynx area (generally involving the vocal cords so that the voice becomes hoarse), bronchi, bronchioles, or infections of the lungs.
Allergic or irritant reactions to certain substances, such as dust, smoke, or other substances.
Narrowing of the respiratory tract such as asthma.
Infection in the tonsils (tonsils),
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, generally occurs in the elderly with risk factors for smoking from a young age.

Cough colds in infants, especially where children are not able to secrete secretions / sputum consciously, need special attention, because there can be obstruction of the respiratory tract so that air cannot enter the lungs and oxygen deprivation conditions occur in infants , one of which we can monitor the baby seems to have a faster breathing, heavier breathing efforts (it appears the nostrils move flat and flared, the chest moves up and down with great) can be accompanied by the tip of the feet and hands and around the lips appear bluish.

If this condition has been going on for almost a week, it is advisable to seek treatment from the pediatrician for a thorough examination related to the condition of your child so that adequate management can be done, whether the need for inpatient care can also be determined. You can prepare yourself for possible inpatient decisions related to your child's condition when seeing the specialist doctor. If your child looks weak, breathing is slow, looks pale / bluish, or looks very short and has a great breath of effort, immediately take your child to the nearest hospital emergency room.

It is recommended to conduct more detailed consultations related to treatment, especially antibiotics, to specialist doctors who have the competence to provide such treatment. It should be ensured that there are indications of antibiotic administration, because antibiotic treatment must be completed according to the regimen, not drugs that relieve symptoms so that it can be consumed and stopped according to symptoms.

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