Cough Does Not Heal In Children Aged 13 Months, Is Affected By TB?

Illustration of Cough Does Not Heal In Children Aged 13 Months, Is Affected By TB?
Illustration: Cough Does Not Heal In Children Aged 13 Months, Is Affected By TB?

In the afternoon, I want to ask, my child was diagnosed with bronchitis earlier this month, but on the X-ray, there was a primary bronchitis / DC / TB, then the doctor advised me. For the Mantoux test, the test results were negative. But my child is still coughing until now, he was cured for a few days but this cough is already 2 days, and on 5 he will control again. The doctor said if he controls still cough on 5, then my child will be told to take TB treatment for 6 months even though the result of the Mantoux is negative. Is my child really having TB? age 13 months, and he is learning to walk. Last BB 10kg. my child drinks formula milk. Thank you.

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Hello Sulasmi,

Thank you for the question.

One of the most common causes of cough that does not heal in children is interference with the respiratory tract, for example due to allergies, viral or bacterial infections, tuberculosis, bronchitis, foreign body aspiration, pneumonia, and so on. Specifically for coughs caused by tuberculosis (TB), typically these coughs are productive, do not heal within 2 weeks, and cause children to experience other complaints, such as mild fever and prolonged excessive sweating (especially at night), weight gain is difficult to rise, swelling lymph nodes (usually around the neck or armpit), weakness, or many other complaints. However, not only from the symptoms, the diagnosis of TB in children should be established after going through investigations, such as x-rays, Mantoux test, sputum test (in older children), blood tests, or other supporting tests. Based on clinical symptoms and the results of the examination, the doctor will be able to distinguish, whether it is true that the cough arises because of TB, or if there are other causes.

In Indonesia, given the very high prevalence of TB (the 4th highest in the world), every child with clinical symptoms of TB can still be given TB therapy, although not all test results support the disease. Of course, TB therapy is not done without careful consideration. Usually, in addition to reviewing the results of examinations carried out, and digging up details of complaints that arise, the doctor will evaluate whether there is a possibility of a child in close contact with other TB sufferers. The doctor who treats your child, with his competence and experience, surely understands better what is best for your child.

Our advice is to make your child's cough heal faster, in addition to giving him treatment according to the doctor's advice, you also need to:

Keep it away from allergens, for example cold, dust mites, pollen, animal hair, certain foods or drugs that make it allergic
Give your child more milk, compared to formula milk
Also give your child warm water and nutritiously balanced MPASI variations
Limit feeding of oily and artificial sweetness to children
Interspersed by eating time with fruit rich in vitamin C
Bathe the child with warm water, also give him clothes that keep
Maintain cleanliness and air circulation in the environment around the baby
Do not use AC, especially excessive fan around the child
Keep children from pollution, smoke, and other substances that can irritate their airways
Do not carelessly give children other drugs without doctor's advice
If there are other people around the child who have a contagious respiratory infection, including TB, keep it away from contact with the child

If after the deadline set by the doctor your child's complaint has not healed, check it back to the doctor or pediatrician to be treated further yes ..

I hope this helps.

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