Cough, Flu And Insomnia In Children Aged 1.5 Months?

Illustration of Cough, Flu And Insomnia In Children Aged 1.5 Months?
Illustration: Cough, Flu And Insomnia In Children Aged 1.5 Months?

Good night. My child is 1-5 months old. He is now experiencing a cough and hard to sleep. What medicine is suitable for him. Because you are given ambroxol but there is no change. Mhon suggested usulan

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Coughing is a response produced by the body when there is something that feels 'foreign' that enters the respiratory tract, such as choking, infection (virus or bacteria), or inflammation of the respiratory tract. Generally, with the emergence of a cough response, generally the respiratory tract will participate in producing mucus that lines the respiratory tract more than normal, so that phlegm appears. If the response of the respiratory tract to reach the nose, it will arise called a cold.

For complaints that are felt by your child at this time, chances are your child has problems in his respiratory tract, can be caused due to ARI, rhinitis, inflammation of the throat, or pneumonia. Therefore, you should bring your child to be examined further by a doctor to be more clearly known, which conditions are causing complaints in your child at this time. The doctor may also ask your child to undergo several tests such as blood tests, sputum examinations, chest x-rays or other tests in accordance with the doctor's consideration. After that, then you can determine which conditions are being experienced by your child and what therapy should be given to your child at this time.

For the use of drugs themselves, keep in mind that the administration of drugs requires time to provide optimal effects, if you only give 1-3x, then most likely the drug has not worked optimally, so it must be seen further for several days of drug administration, whether there is improvement or not.

Henceforth, if given medicines by a doctor, consume these drugs in accordance with the recommended dosage and conditions. Do not replace or stop using drugs on your own. If you feel the complaint does not improve after the drug runs out, do a re-examination of the doctor who gave the drug to be re-evaluated on your child's condition. In the meantime, before getting the medicine from the doctor, the ambroxol drug can still be continued according to the dosage on the package, but after further recommendations are given by the doctor follow the recommendation.

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