Cough, Flu, Nasal Congestion And Fever In Children?

I want to ask the child .. My child has been coughing for 4 days but the fourth day the nose is still running out and the day is crying and fever … Full of appetite … What are the symptoms of the virus?

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Basically, coughs and colds in children are most often caused by viral infections in the respiratory tract. Viral infections in the airways can cause cold cough symptoms accompanied by fever, malaise, muscle, bone and joint pain, decreased appetite, irritability / fuss in children. Viral infections in the respiratory tract do not require specific therapy and will heal by itself in 7-10 days. You can try to pay more attention to your child's symptoms for the next 3 days. If indeed the symptoms do not improve, or you see the child's condition is getting worse, the fever is getting higher or had improved a few days ago high again, the child looks short of breath, you should immediately take your child to the pediatrician for further evaluation and management .

If the child still looks active, can still eat (although eating is not too good compared to when healthy), can still drink well, the child does not look crowded, then there is nothing you need to worry about. You can try to do the following things to help relieve your child's symptoms:

 Give more fluids to the child, especially if the child has a fever Give a fever medicine such as paracetamol when the child's fever is high enough and cause the child to feel uncomfortable / disturb his sleep Let the child sleep and rest longer Put an air humidifier (humidifier) ​​in the child's bedroom Wash the child in warm water and let the child breathe warm water vapor from the bath water If the child is over 1 year old, you can give honey to children. Honey can help relieve coughing, especially coughing at night. If a child's nose is blocked, you can help by nasal irrigation using saline solution or nasal sprays that contain only saline.

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