Cough Has Been A Week Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?

Illustration of Cough Has Been A Week Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?
Illustration: Cough Has Been A Week Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?

Hello doc, I am 29 years old mega .. want to ask doc … I think I have been coughing once a week, yeah this is a dry cough or phlegm … it was a sore throat yesterday but now recovered I just have to cough again. In my throat there is a feeling of a lot of phlegm, I have taken 2 kinds of drugs in that time but it feels like it doesn’t heal … but I don’t have excessive coughing … but even coughing is too long … if this is a feature of the corona virus. dock..

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Coughing in general can be caused by several causes, and to determine the exact cause and the definitive diagnosis needs to be done further examination. But I will try, outlining a number of possible causes of coughing, namely lung disorders, allergies and disorders of the stomach.

Disturbances in the lungs can be caused due to bacterial infections or also viral infections. What can be marked by a cough can be phlegm or dryness, colds, headaches, fever, shortness of breath. Bacterial lung infections will usually require antibiotics, whereas viruses will heal if the immune system is good.

A cough caused by an allergy, characterized by a long-standing cough that is lost, can be accompanied by shortness of breath and noises "ngik" when breathing. Allergy itself can not be cured, it can only be prevented and reduced symptoms only.

As for the stomach, cough is caused by irritation of the esophagus due to increased acid in the stomach. Increased stomach acid is triggered by stress, irregular eating patterns, consumption of soda, coffee, noodles and spicy or sour foods. Symptoms that appear coughing and feeling dry in the esophagus, sometimes such as mucus but does not come out, nausea, pain in the lower chest, tightness in the solar plexus or lower chest. Treatment of cough with stomach acid must be treated with treatment for the stomach, if not and eat food is still not regular, it will still trigger coughing.

Based on the complaint you made, you are worried about the Covid19 virus that is epidemic. Covid itself is characterized by dry cough, sore throat, fever above 37.5 and shortness of breath. This does not lead to covid. It's just that you still need to isolate yourself for 14 days because if your immune system goes down then you will be susceptible to viruses.

Perform a healthy lifestyle, namely: wash your hands diligently after doing activities with soap, do not touch your face if you have not washed your hands, take a multivitamin, eat nutritiously, and exercise.

May be useful. Always healthy.

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