Cough, Hot Forehead And Dizziness, Is It Infected With Corona Virus?

Doc, good morning. Doc, yesterday I coughed and my forehead was a little hot and my head was dizzy but now the cough is gone am I infected with corona, Doc?

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Hello Wahyu,

Thank you for the question.

Coughing, heat on the forehead, and dizziness may be part of the symptoms of Corona's disease (COVID-19, a disease caused by the new Corona virus 2019), or not. Many other factors can also cause complaints like what you are feeling right now, for example respiratory infections by viruses or other bacteria (other than Corona virus), other organ system infections, allergies, inflammatory disorders, gastric acid reflux, bronchitis, and so on.

The question now is whether in the 2 weeks before symptoms appear, have you ever come into contact with a sufferer of Corona disease? Or, have you traveled in these 2 weeks or come in contact with people from areas reporting local COVID-19 transmissions?

If not, then your potential to be infected with COVID-19 seems to be quite small. Therefore, do not worry. Overcome your complaints by getting plenty of rest, eating regularly, drinking plenty of warm water, wearing masks while still coughing, reducing contact with smoke and pollution, also keep yourself away from dust, dry air, and excessively cold temperatures. Do not forget, exercise every day and always live a healthy lifestyle so that the immune system remains excellent.

If your complaints do not go away with the above efforts, or if you appear fever, shortness, vomiting, and other complaints that are more severe, before getting worse, immediately check with your doctor or internist.

I hope this helps.

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